The Stubborn Skill-Grinder In A Time Loop

The Stubborn Skill-Grinder In A Time Loop

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    Orodan was an orphaned street rat who clawed his way to the county militia with hard work. However calamitous events unfold and draw him into events bigger than himself and Orodan's battle-loving disposition leads to a warrior's death for him. Only for him to wake up again on the day of.

    In a world of skills, titles and blessings; a smart time looper would perhaps scheme, plan, amass equipment and allies. But not Orodan. If there's one thing he's good at it's stubbornly trying the same thing over and over again via brute force till it's done.

    If a wall is in front, going around is not an option. Instead batter it with your head thousands of times till either the wall breaks or you do. And gain skill levels along the way

    Chapter List[ 48 Chapters ]